The Relaise is on 2 floors.
At ground floor there is the wide hall under which flow the Tione river (said 'Cavo delle Pile'), and it may be looked up by a striking glass floor.
Near the wide entrance hall there is the museum area with the ancient rice press.
The fire room (living room) is striking and so cozy and companies (max 30 persons) may organize meetings, anniversary and parties (on booking). It provided of kitchen and relax room.
At first floor there are the wide bed rooms (five rooms and one flat) that can keep 18 persons, and one big kitchen with a hearth.
The rooms , all comfortable and wide, have wide bathrooms with shower, private heating and TVset on request. The flat have one double room, one single room and the bathroom.
The kitchen at first floor is for guest's lunches and dinners, on request.


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